Running is an uncomplicated and fun sport, which can be enjoyed by anyone.

People run for all different kinds of reasons, and can benefit in so many different ways. Whether you are looking to improve your general fitness, lose weight, relieve stress, find a new hobby or meet new friends, then running could be the answer.

Cale Green Runners is a small friendly group. We meet at least twice a week for a social run of varying length. We also provide support, motivation and advice through different media including our interactive facebook page and closed facebook group.

Our group is inclusive of everybody regardless of ability, age or sex with members ranging in ability from beginner to Marathon.

Our run sessions are a great way to become fit and healthy.

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We meet at the corner of Nangreave Road / Diamond Street in Heaviley, Stockport. SK2 6TH - contact us for details of our runs.
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